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Semi Permanent Make-up

‘Life isn’t perfect but your brows can be’


Every woman deserves good eyebrows! Are you tired of having to draw/pencil on over plucked thinning eyebrows and wish you could have fuller perfectly shaped eyebrows with no or little maintenance every single day? Then Semi permanent brows are for you!

I offer 2 types of treatments, powder brows and machine hair stroke brows.

I offer a free no-obligation consultation to discuss the right treatment for you and to go through details of what the treatment involves and to answer any of your queries.

All treatments include 2 sessions, the initial session and then a free top-up/colour boost 4-8 weeks later. 

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Ombre brows or also known as powder brows is a semi permanent make-up technique used to create a fuller looking brow with a soft powder make-up effect. A digital machine is used to implant soft pixels of pigment into the skin to create the perfect shape which results in more of a ‘velvet’ eyebrow powder make-up look. Ombre bows are generally a lot softer and have a gradient in colour with more density towards the arch and tail and powder brows offer more definition towards the front of the brow and are great for people who love a fuller look. 

Ombre/powder brows typically lasts up to 12-18 months and is great for people with oily skin because the pigment last longer. It’s also great for people who already have full brows but just want a little extra definition without the hassle of filling in the brows every day. 


Combination brows is a really popular treatment used to combine both machine hair strokes and powder brow techniques to achieve fluffy, textured, yet defined brows. There are many different variations of combination brows such as just hair strokes at the front of the brow with shading in the body through to the tail of the brow or hair strokes all through the brow with shading in between.  


A combination of the two offers the longest lasting results and is suitable for most skin types.

Powder Brows - Before and After.JPG

The Process


Following your initial enquiry we can then book you in for a patch test and a face to face consultation where we will have a more in depth chat about your brow desires and the treatment and also the after care. Once we have agreed the perfect treatment for you we can get you an appointment booked in the diary. Please note treatments generally last between 2-3hours.


At the first appointment I will begin with the brow mapping process which is a technique that helps find the ideal shape brow using measuring tools and a fine eyebrow pencil and coloured thread to mark out key points on the face to ensure the perfect brow symmetry. This is such an important part of the treatment and we will only carry out the microblading or machine technique once we are both happy and agreed on the final brow shape. I’ll then start to implant the pigment into the brows.

Once finished I will give you the after care advise and treatment gel to take home with you that will help with the healing process to achieve beautifully healed brows. 

Before you leave we will also get you rebooked for your 2nd top up treatment 8weeks after the 1st Treatment.

For enquiries please contact me via the contact form below or feel free to call or message me on 07950805007


Full pre and after care advise will be explained at the consultation. It’s so important to follow these instructions to ensure the absolute best results for your eyebrows.

Brow Prices


Full treatment (2-3hours) including top up 4-8 weeks later - £300


Full treatment (2-3hours) including top up 4-8 weeks later - £300


Full treatment (2-3hours) including top up 4-8 weeks later - £300

(£50 booking fee required which is deducted from the final amount)

Colour boosts available from 6-18 months starting from £100

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